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No Adwords, No Paid Media, Just Organically Grown Customers

It all started by creating You Are The Media in 2013 as proof that when it comes to being a trusted industry voice, it can be done.

When people trust you, they spend more time with you, subscribe to you and spend money with you. The strongest place you can be in today, is one where you have  ownership of your database and it belongs to you, not a third party. When you understand your values and stand for something and can communicate this effectively, you will be able to build a loyal customer base. 

Hi, I’m Mark and it was around 10 years ago I began to realise the marketing world was changing. I decided to become my own case study to see if a content marketing approach truly worked and so I began a side project, called ‘You Are The Media.’ I made it my mission to share content with others about how to integrate this approach as part of any company’s strategy. It grew from zero (no subscribers, no audience), to a buzzing global community, of people who are loyal and attend many multiple events throughout the year. In doing so, I have proved this approach works, and have been able to use this to support companies do this for themselves.

You might not want to grow a community, just more loyal customers or become a recognised industry voice. The foundations are the same: recognise what it is you believe in and how that aligns with your business, create content that strikes a chord with the right audience and then come back to it, again and again. The best thing is, once you take on this approach you are no longer wholly reliant on a paid media model, and you end up with genuine loyalty from customers, instead of trying to evaluate your online presence social media followers. 

During the coronavirus pandemic, I realised that once you have a loyal audience, they will stick with you and transfer to different platforms (e.g. following you online where you hadn’t been before). Indeed, building a loyal audience is one of the only ways to future proof yourself. This means engaging with your audience through a variety of platforms with consistency through a regular email, articles a podcast, or video. If you have people loyal to you, who see you as a leading industry voice, they will stay with you. Then, when something bad hits again, you are already prepared. 

Let’s make this work for you. We do this in three stages where we deliver your content strategy, create the ongoing work and promote your message with you and your team.

Now has never been a better time for you to direct your message to your audience, whilst places such as Facebook cave their morals for ad revenue. It is time for you and your business to be the leader in your space. All driven by your message that brings people to you.

Continual Learning With You Are The Media

You Are The Media provides marketing and media training. The weekly email, podcast, workshops and live events support you to become a trusted voice. Come and be a part of this global community.

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