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Guidance to help you create

This is for those that want to create the content themselves but would like some direction for their content creation journey, one to one.

This is a monthly programme of sessions to help you step up and create your own narrative that sits away from sporadic posts. I’ll help you every step of the way through planning your strategy and bring a voice of reason through your content creation and distribution. The aim is to help you reach consistency with both the message and values that are communicated through your content and making sure it connects with the people who you want it to the most, your current and future customers. 

What Happens?

Once a month, we spend time together and identify the values you have as a business owner and what your company does. From that first meeting, this helps define your sweet spot of the intersection between the principles you live by and how you make money. Going forward you will produce articles and posts per month, where questions are set and from that posts to build your LinkedIn presence . 

What Is The Cost?

Each month we work together for a flat fee of £650 + VAT. This includes time together, topic suggestions, crafting questions to help you create and producing your microStory. This begins with writing and effectively creating scripts for future work ie. video and podcasts. Utilise tips, feedback and also We Are The Media/You Are The Media contacts to reach out to.

Further Reading

It feels hugely rewarding to start something that’s been nagging away at you for ages and then write, post, record and broadcast about it, to spread the word. The ways and means of doing this are, after all, so much more accessible to everyone now.

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