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Evaluate and plan your message

Build your space and be recognised as a trusted source in your industry.

It all starts from being able to answer, who are you? What is it you stand for? Why should people care?

Content/Message Audit

Content Strategy

Communications Planning

Industry Positioning

Evaluate Content

What Happens?

A clear strategic plan is made up of two parts. The first is creating a clear content strategy. We’ll help you understand your values and your role in your marketplace going forward. Next, we will work with you to develop an editorial plan (based on your mission and values from the first session). From this, you will have a 12-month content plan that relates to your overall objectives. We also evaluate the success of the content being created. Let’s shape your long term future with a continuous programme.

What Is The Cost?

The cost for these two content sessions (strategy and editorial planning) is £4,500 + VAT. If an audit of your current practice will help, this can be costed on an individual basis. You now have a plan for the coming months and years that is uniquely yours. No more ad hoc posting.

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We needed fresh ideas to our content strategy, there was only one person I was going to turn to. Mark’s ability to cut to the core of our values and facilitate engaging, productive sessions with our teams is without peer in my opinion.

Lee Taylor | Business Development Director

Steele Raymond Solicitors

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