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Your marketing communication should stand on its own.

Build your space and own your audience.






What Happens

By understanding your role in your marketplace and the people you serve, lets now shape your narrative. The plan is to build one space with a defined voice, before moving into another. For instance, people become attached to your written voice, before moving onto audio or video. It starts with blogging and then from month six, we consider another medium. No dabbling, all focused.

What Is The Cost?

Every month we create, promote and distribute your message. This could be from one deep thinking article per month, to editing the article down for a series of LinkedIn posts, to sharing with your email database. The goal here is to grow your message and draw people to you. The cost is from £1,000 +  VAT per month (to create and distribute for you).

Further Reading

Imagine you are building a flowing ecosystem where everything returns to its place of origin, in this case it is your website. Your work has a central place which is then activated in a host of other media for people to engage with.

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Telling the story of your business and how you help others is more important than ever. Mark Masters is here to help you dig in and do good work.

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Author of books such as Trust Agents and The Impact Equation

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